Remarkably dry conditions have lead many to call this the worst drought in our state’s history. Last month, the city of Los Angeles started a program in which you can now be fined for excessive use of water.

While everyone knows the basics of water conservation (shorter showers, watering the lawn less frequently), there are some innovative methods you might not have considered. As a Los Angeles plumber, we feel obligated to share them with you.

Re-use shower water

Most know that you can reduce the amount of your shower, but you can take it further! Instead of letting all of that water go down the drain, save it! Just put a bucket on the shower floor to catch your runoff. Then use it to water your garden. You can easily save yourself a few gallons of water!

Check for outdoor leaks

As a Los Angeles plumber, we really encourage this next method. Outdoor leaks can drive up your water bill and even make you a target for the officials tasked with finding restriction violators. To make sure you’re okay, perform a weekly check of your outside fixtures. Or if you feel uncomfortable doing this, J.B. Plumbing can help! Any nozzle or sink that drips should be attended to. If merely turning it off doesn’t work, you could have a larger problem. If so, it’s time to call the best plumber Los Angeles has to offer, J.B. Plumbing!

Live / vacation off the grid

While this may seem a bit intense to some, many people have found that being exclusively accountable for their own home and utilities is profoundly rewarding. As an alternative to traditional water mains, off-the-grid residents draw their water from wells. A professional can dig into the ground and tap into the water supply that exists naturally in the sub-surface. If you’re drawn to the solitary lifestyle but not sure you want to commit to it full time, try a short-term vacation. At the very least, you’ll save a little water in the meantime.

And just remember JB Plumbing and Rooter, your Los Angeles Plumber, is an amazing 24 hour, 7 days a week provider of plumbing in Los Angeles. So if you find yourself in real leaky trouble in the middle of the night, JB Plumbing can help by quickly dispatching one of our skilled plumbers right to your door. Rest assured that JB Los Angeles Plumbers will be there for you when you need us.

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