Here at JB Plumbing and Rooter, we understand that some people may have never heard about earthquake gas valves. Here is a quick explanation of how they work. Your gas line runs from the street, through your utility company’s meter, and into your home. If you ever need to turn off the gas to your home, like in the event of a gas leak, you can head out to your meter, find the switch and turn it off. This is where gas Valves come into play.Earthquake Gas Valves can prevent sudden shutoffs in an emergency.

Earthquakes are normally very sudden which means that your home’s gas lines may still suffer damage because you simply didn’t have time to get to them. An earthquake gas valve shutoff is able to detect seismic activity and automatically turn off the gas coming into your home.

We’ve all seen the kind of damage that can happen from seismic activity.
That’s why JB Plumbing and Rooter provides complete earthquake gas shutoff valve services, including earthquake gas shutoff valve installation in Covina. When you live in California, you should take the threat of earthquakes very seriously. We do.

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