plumber in los angeles - Earthquake Gas Valves
Los Angeles Plumbing – Earthquake Gas Valves

As a local plumber in Los Angeles, we know that earthquakes are a very real threat. Part of the danger is that they can cause vast damage to your home’s water lines, gas lines, and electrical system. In particular, gas lines pose a hazard to your home because of fires or explosions. With an earthquake gas shutoff valve, you can rest assured that your home might be safe from that threat during an earthquake.

What exactly are earthquake gas shutoff valves? Well, your gas line runs from the street, through your utility company’s meter and into your home. If you ever need to turn off the gas to your home, like in the event of a gas leak, you can head out to your meter, find the switch and turn it off. However, earthquakes are normally very sudden which means that your home’s gas lines may still suffer damage because you simply didn’t have time to get to them. An earthquake gas shutoff valve is able to detect seismic activity and automatically turn off the gas coming into your home.

Because you have to cut open the gas main coming into your home, earthquake gas shutoff valve installation should always be performed by a professional local plumber in Los Angeles plumbing specialist. Additionally, laws require any work done on a gas line to be done by a licensed local plumber in Los Angeles. JB Plumbing and Rooter is completely licensed to perform any work on your home’s gas lines. Our expert plumbers can perform any kind of earthquake gas shutoff valve installation in Los Angeles.

Because your earthquake gas shutoff valve probably doesn’t get a whole lot of use, it might be a good idea to get it inspected on a regular basis. You need local plumbers in Los Angeles that offer total earthquake gas shutoff valve maintenance in Los Angeles. Call us today to talk with one of our plumbers about setting up regular visits for your shutoff valve.

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