When your sewer isn’t draining properly, it can be a major headache. Although it might be easy to assume that the problem is a simple clogged drain, it could be any number of different problems ranging from small leaks to majorly damaged pipes. Sewer Video Inspections give us a look into the possible problems facing your pipes

For many years, it was difficult to discern exactly what problem might be plaguing a private sewer. Fortunately, modern technology has increased to the point where we can send a sewer video camera down to discover what’s wrong.

JB Plumbing and Rooter has taken advantage of that technology and is proud to offer their customers a Sewer Video Inspection service.

Preventing Sewer Catastrophe With Sewer Video Inspection

A plumbing inspection camera is a fiber optic line with a high definition video camera attached that can be snaked through a plumbing line to provide a clear picture of what is going on within.

For those looking for a plumbing service that employs high tech tools like sewer video inspection and other state of the art methods, look to JB Plumbing and Rooter.

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